Math game websites


For most children and even adults, learning Math is a challenge, what with the series of related number concepts that entail brain-knotting skills just to figure out a seemingly useless mathematical problem.

However, as we grow older, we appreciate the importance of mathematical skills in making our day-to-day lives easier.

One way to develop children’s positive attitude towards learning Math is through Math game websites. Unlike typical classroom setting where students fear on-the-spot blackboard exercises and surprised equations quiz, Math game websites give them the time to analyze mathematical problems on their own pace, in a fun and friendly online environment.

Cool and challenging Math game websites include Gamequarium ( which offers interactive math games in varying levels. math gameEasy levels include Sum Sense (addition), Builder Ted (decimals), Cash Out (money count), Factor Bingo (multiplication), Bedtime Bandits (time math) and Clara’s Ice Cream Shop (fraction). Higher levels include games on logic problems, data interpretation, algebra, geometry and problem-solving. The site also offers access to multiplication videos and online teaching resources for Math teachers.

Cool Math 4 Kids ( lives up to its name of giving fun and interactive online math games with its cool interface and kiddie-themed figures that makes navigating around the website more exciting for children. The games include Number Monster (addition), math gameThe Timernator (subtraction), Times Tables (multiplication) and Monster Mind Readers (decimals and fractions). Higher level Math games include exercises in Tessellations (tiling) Polyhedra (angles and sides) and Fractals (swirling shapes). Kids will also enjoy coloring books, math flash cards and the Cool Things section while at the same time polishing their number-crunching skills.